The need for platform to communicated between closed and opensouce software will be worked out eventually which is how the blockpool plugins function, it will help interact between the two to acquaint each using APIs. These plugins are able to work with various blockchain rather than just being customized for a single system.

Blockchain companies will recognize the use of Blockpool platform to manage business data and will soon start to use the platform and integrate their system with blockchain without even having all the troubles of learning going through all the blockchain technology they can consider not so significant upon running their business.

Blockpool Platform will be coded with java and javascript with can work online and inside the computer system of the organization and its core is designed to solve multiple different problems by utilizing plugins, blockchain sidechains and other SaaS modular solutions. The platform can even develop a connection between existing financial payment system in the organization and bank accounts.

The BLOCKPOOL Blockchains

Blockpool will utilize a proven Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism which will help them customize a kind of chain 
fit for the business needs like having thier data in private and just keeping the rest for public like using the mySQL database
which sometimes not suitable. Blockpool Masterchain can certainly design chains swith the help of its BAPPs functionality 
to interact with the current system of the organization. Organizations can even have their own private side chain while also 
having pseudo-private masterchain.

Blockpool Plugins

There are several plugins for Blockpool usage and they are:

  1. Communication Plugins — provide intersystem communication between legacy system and to the outside system.

2. Blockchain Plugin — helps facilitate and communicate proprietary software to hooks and APIs.
3. File Storage Plugin — this is when in some cases large amounts of data storage is required.

To sum it all up, Blockpool is a complete package blockchain solution for business of any kind. BPL will play a big role in the future for companies to be in the blockchain and this may be the greatest technology for adoption.


• 201 delegates
• 15 second block times
• 25 million tokens + forging rewards of 5% Annual decreasing
 1% per year until 1% Annual then switching to a fixed block
 reward of 1 BPL/Block thereafter. 
• 50.25 minute rounds
• Consensus System: DPoS (Delegated Proof Of Stake)
• Official Ticker: BPL


Twitter: @blockpoolio

ANN thread:

written by enhu

blockpool account:

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