In the deep uncharted reaches of the cryptoworld you can find some real gems, some rougher than others but gems nonetheless, and with a bit of polishing and hard work you can obtain something truly brilliant and of great value, which is why the Eniac Network shouldn’t be overlooked.

The potential in Eniac is almost overwhelming when considering the enormous amount of features that can be implemented, not only for saving precious time but also for unparalleled security, the Eniac wallet could be implemented into exchanges and other e-commerce websites, it could function as a credit scoring system and…

Hello to all Eniac Network Community!

We’re sincerely sorry for taking it slow when it comes to updates. The main reason for this is the workload we have right now.

We’ll be talking about what we’ll do in the future in this post.

As Eniac Network our aim is to reach the investors with right marketing strategy, rather than forcing an aggressive advertisement process.

During this process our main supporter is our community but we realize that reaching the investors is the key.

Starting from next week, we’ll be listed in some ico-listing websites and as these listings are updated…

Eniac Network

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