Plane Sense – Vol 1

I go back a long way now, in my mind that is. I am 53 and happy. I don’t regret what I call my life’s path, I don’t regret much. I don’t like some of my life, but that was someone else, a long time ago, at the beginning, who tried to shake or break me at a time when I had no options as a child. But that did not make me a victim, it made me, ME…!

I often wonder what my life would have been like, had I had a normal childhood, or at least one free from fear….but I still count myself as lucky, in a way. I achieved most of what I wanted, and even some of what I never thought I could. I sometimes feel sorry for myself, but most times, I feel lucky. I got to do stuff no one else did, and feel stuff no one else did. I became a compassionate person, caring and concerned about the world and its people. I also became selfish and competitive, traits that I struggle with, even today.

I did something amazing, if only to me. I blazed a trail to the sky for want of a better word, something I hadn’t really considered and something no one had ever considered for me.

I learned to fly, for real and in my mind. Girls didn’t do that so much in those days, a handful maybe, but it generally wasn’t the way to go.

I remember not asking anyone’s permission, just announcing that this was to be my path, right or wrong. I wasn’t sure if I could, I was woefully inadequate at maths and physics academically, preferring instead the arts, history and classical studies. But I had determination, and that countered my fear of the unknown and my fear of what if….!

I left my comfortable but soulless surroundings and set off on a journey that would both test me, comfort me, scare me and ultimately be my prize.

I would find happiness, contentment, trouble, friends and family, and I would gain unimaginable insight into the world and its people amongst my own growth and maturity. Independence and confidence would be the key to my success as it is for many of us. I would become insightful and belligerent, weak and strong, rich and poor, I would suffer depression and joy just like many others, and all this would serve to mould me into this person I did not yet know or feel comfortable with.