Enigma’s Token Sale — Full Details
Enigma Project

The community feedback

  1. Hard Cap: $30M and only $30M! With the same price per token. Any other decision will be a fraud and community’s betrayal.
  2. Whitelisted people should have more privileges. They supported you without hype. You must consider (!) original demand for everyone. You can’t give equal numbers for people who asked $100 and $50K. It’s absurd.
  3. Crowdsale people should get a low-cap piece for wide distribution: $100-$200 max.

4. You can refund 50% for presalers (Civic model) and make $20M crowdsale instead of 10 — “ this change means a broader, fairer distribution”, as you said.

5. Also you should think about postponement ICO for 1 week in this situation to make more wise, calm and fair decision.

Good luck!

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