AMD — Advanced Micro Devices -An Underdog Stock?

Shorting selling or Short buying, neither seem to be as attractive as the stories behind this blue-chip company who is competing with INTEL. They seem to have a plan a a focus but the number of doubting increase everyday as Intel gets a bigger Market Share.

We must although applause AMD for its going 1–1 with Intel for deals and industry fame. We know Intel is hitting big but no other company has been in the spot light competing against INTEl as AMD has been so far for the past 2–3 months.

Just was the best month, an unexpected high bullish month for the AMD stocks and those you bet on them made some good returns. The experts and analysts still think AMD stocks has a good chance to have a good gain and return for its investors if they stick with them.

The stocks have been quite sloppy for the past couples of days to be precise since the beginning of July. This could mean slow start for their Q3 reporting but their expected press release news of Ryzen product could mean some $ profit ending of Q3.

To keep things simple other than actually following the stock behaviour, social media can be a great tracker of how things might be changing for the company. AMD’s twitter page “@ AMD” — actually shares quite a lot about their products which does correlate with their stock news. .

AMD Ryzen vs Intel core I5

AMD is trying to embed and redefine a set number of products within its ecosystem to help users understand their potential in comparison to INTEL technology.

Final thoughts

The stock seems to have caught up with a high 13 range in Mid july, 2017 just as high it was in May before its dip on may 2 to 10 low. It had a bull run of 4 months only to take back on the 13 range now and lets hope it has only great news to feather out 15 high.

Enigmatic Investments will keep a close eye on AMD as we like to always be on the lookout for the underdogs. So far AMD has been recognized as a company that can provide tremendous upside to our portfolio’s value.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.