Enigmatic Investments Group

A New Wave of Asset Management

Enigmatic Investments is a newly formed company comprised of saavy investment partners and external investors who invest in breakthrough technologies and disruptive companies. The idea of owning companies that mirror this type of ideology allows our company to growth with full force and provide superb returns for our partners and investors.

Our primary goal is to own tremendous long term growth company stocks that fundamentally change the landscape of their respective industries i.e health care, consumer goods and fintech.

Since inception, in roughly 2 months, Enigmatic Investments portfolio has gained an average of 25 % and is on the verge of growing rapidly with the addition of new investors and cutting edge strategies.

With that being said, our team looks forward to delivering insightful public equity picks on Medium and providing more in-depth knowledge on breakthrough companies, technologies and key products.

Types of companies and investments our firm is interested in:



consumer goods




Sashien Godakandae ( Founder & Chief Investment Officer) Enigmatic Investments