Scarcely like rain in monsoon summer I met Akinyele
The wind blew up my yellow ankara patterned short dress 
It revealed my pale skin, just like he revealed my weaknesses.
Akinyele, the wind that came into my heart to stay. 
I strolled away head held high in that short yellow dress , The mid day sun shone a little revealing the shine in my dress.

Thick as humid air
I bumped into Akinyele again,
Like an angel from my Yoruba dreams 
He strolled into my life, colliding into my frame as well as waltzing into my heart 
Just like time, the wind stood still on this humid street in Basel
I bent gingerly to pick the phone 
He bent to dust my dress
I flashed him a smile. 
Yes, the dress and the smile did it


Picture credit : etsy.com

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