Tears for when I will write again

As I held the square tiled pillars
I knew my life was over
I never did care if the yellow and blue taxis honked to my direction
Not even a map could help me now 
I had no direction.

As I wiped a drop of tear from my left eye
My right eye stayed dried and clueless
I was not crying, I was not smiling 
But I knew the tears in my left eyes would leave a dent
And for a long time, I felt the dent

The sting of death was reassuringly surreal 
I was so vexed I broke out a song
I sang like I was chained by demons
So death won't think it had the upper hand
I sang my guts away

As I stared down her lifeless body
I knew the ink from whence I write
Will be as dried as her cracked lips
Will I ever recover? I asked the humid air
Finally, a drop of tears on my right cheek
My right eye gave in, and I knew it will end in praise

eniitan ©

Picture credit : es.pinterest.com

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