Sounds of the universe

Another night awake with my anxieties, good thing they keep me company.

I lied in bed hoping to get some sleep before my early day start, little did I know sleeping wouldn’t be so easy again… But I had decided I should go to bed, so I remained lying there — waiting for Hypnos to come take me into his arms.

And while I was lying in bed, trying to force myself to sleep, I started focusing on the silence of my room and suddenly I realized it wasn’t silent, actually it was the opposite, it was noisy, but a weirdly noisy silence.

Then it occurred to me, maybe that noisy silence was the sound of the Earth. Maybe it was the sound of the universe and all of its energy flowing around — it’s a crazy thought, kind of stupid, but very genuine as well.
I felt amazed by that mad thought of mine and decided to go after it and, as a result, found some very interesting articles from NASA containing audios of sounds captured from out of space.

Those weird sounds made me realize how small I am: a tiny human being in a planet, among 7 more planets, together with 7 billion other people, and billions of galaxies with over 100 trillion stars each, just so tiny in the middle of the universe and its infinity.

It scared me.

“where do we go from here? what is beyond all of that? what’s death? what’s next?”
I don’t think I’ll ever get answers for these questions, so I decided worrying was pointless.

I just hope my existence in this universe makes, at least, a positive impact on the lives of the people I have met along the way.