Promised Land

Here is the product of my toil, the result of my Quest.

In the beginning it was not so simple as it seemed. Though I can't say that it was difficult, or painful, since the Heavens conspired in my behalf.

Well, I know you thought that I was brave and strong in throw myself into such a contract, but the truth is one: I was terrified. I just knew it was what I wanted — or thought it was — but I didn't know what would be there, and neither, where should I start. In the meantime I did what had to be done, after all I was already being led on this path.

Of course the departure is always sorrowful — the separation is never pleasant. But soon my feet became familiarized to the land of the pathway, to the grass beside the road, and above all to the leafy and fruit-bearing trees that rose on the grass. After a while, I noticed that it was good for me to leave the Water Sphere, the tender arms of Love and the sweet kisses of Comfort. Very valuable was to wander the road until reaching the Valleys of Sand and Stone, where the many Sounds intertwined in melodies in the vast galleries of time. I grew up, I learned, I changed; I breathe new airs, thoughts, worlds, universes. I was happy.

It was then that I considered the Promised Land…

One more step, just a step up. My heart yearned for its Fields, my eyes longed for their Castles, and my lips salivated for their Delicacies.

Why did You wait so long? Should I walk these paths to finally find You? Did you expect me to grow up and wake up with the Dawn for you to reveal yourself to? How long I waited for you!

So, inebriated by my own ecstatic sounds and stunned by my teary eyes, I tasted his wine and ate from his table until I was satisfied.

Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, it was no longer what I imagined to be…

I realized that the Sounds of the Valleys of Sand and Stone sounded more like groans of pain than music. I understood that they were piling up in the dark places and crawling into the ears of the tedious, sad, and angry ones. I have seen that they multiply in whimpers and empty political speeches, with foggy concordances and with fraudulent and vampiric objectives that only bring destruction, revealing to be works of Nothingness.

In this whirlwind of half-spoken words, selfish noises and opaque conversations of uncertain appearance, I could ponder their corrupted springs and the river of death spouting from their gobs. Stuck in a distorted truth or friendly lie, I tried to solve the riddle myself, and the most I could do was conclude that they don't know what is happening. Like me, they search for a Promised Land that does not exist where it is supposed to be.

The fields that I thought were my sweet dream, melted away in dust and delusion. And, after all, it seems that I have not yet learned the lesson well, for a small flame of hope still burns in my chest; shy, opaque, and simple, yet I know she’s there.

This is my problem, my biggest dilemma and disagreement with myself: I do not give up the Search. No matter how absurd it may be, how foolish, or insignificant, or unnecessary, disoriented, annoying, heretical that it seems, I always, always return to this same question that surrounds me in the compasses of life:

Will I ever live my Promised Land?