The Shocking Reason Millennials are Binging on Songs about Binging on Drugs
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Wow… Are you confused? Trolling? Baiting for followers?

How’s it that society hates women? This really blows my mind. Whenever I open my Facebook feed, I see at least a few articles/comments that bash men to the ground. Most of the articles like these they do the same. See, there was this armed conflict somewhere and a freaking number of 5 women were killed! (105 people were killed in total). I’m a programmer, 10% of CS graduates are female vs. 20% of the professional programmers. This is somehow my fault as a male programmer…

So, in your early twenties you’ve figured that life isn’t all roses. Maybe they’ve told you that you should enjoy casual sex, but you didn’t? Are you surprized that what others have told you turned out to be wrong? You’re complaining that people aren’t giving a shit about women’s pain. When was the last time you gave a shit about men’s pain? Oh, but men have no pain, right? Their suicide rates are 5–10 times higher than that of women globally, because men like to play such stupid games.

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