Best hardware for software development

The war between these religions is incredible. And for the tech savvy and software engineers it is more so.

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Status Quo

Asking around my network, from software engineers to dev-ops and also project manager / C-level executives, a few points are very clear.

  • 90% of software engineers use undoubtedly a Linux-based system

Speed up your WordPress site

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As described in a previous piece, I’ve been using Varnish to improve the speed and reliability of a high-traffic website, while reducing server costs at the same time:

What is Varnish-Cache?

Varnish is a tool that serves as a full-page cache mechanism. It can be set up as a reverse proxy — before…

Firebase tools that are a must and speed up development

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What is Firebase?

Firebase is a platform that offers services to easily build a mobile-first solution. Firebase covers different stages of an application lifecycle. From development tools and solutions like database, storage and functions services to analytics, crashlytics and marketing tools for growth tracking.

There’s some difference between using the client SDK of…

Use Varnish to speed up your high traffic website and to save more than 60% on your server

HTTP requests on the web server that pass through Cloudflare


Some friends of mine have created a network of websites on different topics which are visited by 5 million people monthly on average.

Everything was working fine but the server setup they had resulted in 2 issues. One was that it was not scalable. And the second issue was a…

This strategy plan was created for a tech company specialized in insurance VSS (vertical specific software) solutions.

Let’s start by making an analysis on the company to evaluate it’s online presence.

The company and market position

The online positioning analysis for this client has determined that the company is “ONLINE but inactive” which means…

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What is export?

The export statement is used when creating JavaScript modules to export functions, objects, or primitive values from the module so they can be used by other programs with the import statement.

So basically it is used in a JavaScript files to make objects visible to other files (modules).

There are…

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