Should I quit my current entry level software engineering job?

Eni Sinanaj
Oct 11, 2018 · 1 min read

Depends on how long have you been working as a junior.
If you think you are not an entry level engineer then you should think again, especially of how efficient you are at your job and how the company benefits from having you around. Then give a thought also to what you are benefitting from the job.

For me for example it’s always been about how much I grow professionally and personally at the current position/job. Then I think about the salary, which of course is very important.

So to shortly answer this question I’d say:

If you think you’re doing your best to help your company’s growth and at some level your efforts give some results and you are learning and being confronted with new challenges every day and that’s what you want then you should simply ask for a raise.

Otherwise, if you’re just consuming coffee during the day and being little productive because your only motivation is your salary than you should perhaps look somewhere else.

Remember though that money as the main motivator doesn’t necessarily make you a better engineer which leads to no raise or better salary.


Eni Sinanaj

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