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I have been using Partiko for a while which is a home for crypto lovers. It is a social platform allowing people to monetize content directly and earn cryptocurrencies. It is based on Steem Blockchain and works only as an application for Android and IOS. Soon they are planning to make Partido available also like a website, you can have a look here

To download for Android click here
To download for IOS click here

The IOS link given on the website does not work, I would recommend @partiko to have a look at it!

In the StateOfTheDApss you can find Partiko in the Social categoryranked in the second place. Which is proof of how Partiko team is dedicated to what they are doing. I currently see many popup messages around Steem Blockchain from Partiko, somehow it is a great marketing way but it may look so spammy sometimes.

I have been also following their work as a dapp using one of my favorite blockchain which is Steem. Their work is very lovely since the first day of introducing this project to the whole world. The colors and the name are so attractive. Design elements, fonts and the strategies of Partiko are so successful also. Their steemit account is very organized and I love it, kudos to the team behind the scenes.

IOS Application
The application is getting every day better from the announcements that I am reading, I had the application on my phone before, but since I am not used to having my phone too much in my hand, it was not a practical way for me to use the application. Partiko application is like a game, every day you have a task that you have to complete in order to get points and to exchange the points to upvotes or in the future token. The application is so fun to use for those who love to surf on their mobile phones, I am suggesting you have this application on your phone for sure.

Steps for Downloading Partiko

Download in the given links, I use IOS so this are the steps for IOS

(Make sure you are connected to wifi, not 4G, the application is around 60 MB)

This is how it looks like when you open up the application for the first time, you need to log in using steemconnect. If you do not know what Steemconnect is, it is the safest way to connect your steem keys with the dapps! For being able to use this you need to have a steemit account where you can create it instantly with for a very small amount or you can wait for few days until your account will be approved.

Once you sign up, your profile will look like that, you can see your points and what you need to do for collecting more.

As I mentioned to me personally I love Partiko, but it is not so much practical for me to use it in the phone when they will announce the website, most probably I will use it there. Because it is fun to collect points like playing Subway Surfer. I would just recommend changing the IOS link in the website, also seeing less automated messages in the chain, for somebody it may look spammy :)

Thank you Partiko for making Steem Blockchain Better!

Disclaimer: The content of this post is not intended as financial advice, please observe to do your own research.
These pictures are a screenshot by me using!

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