Enix Smart Contract Creation and Deployment

Enix Foundation
Feb 15 · 3 min read

An Overview Guide on Creating/Deploying Smart Contracts on the ENIX Blockchain

The Enix Blockchain itself focuses on distributed computational processing and/or large data transactions, however, its core makeup allows the use and easy creation/deployment of smart contracts utilising either Solidity or Vyper which were created for the Ethereum blockchain for familiarity and cross-chain requirements.

It is recommended to use the latest version of SOLC to ensure compatibility.

Solidity Guide


In the above URL, you can obtain an introduction to smart contracts within the Solidity Framework.

Vyper Guide


In the above URL, you can obtain an introduction to smart contracts within the Solidity Framework.

Deploy Smart Contract on wallet.enix.ai

Wallet.enix.ai is a re-engineered version of the famous MEW specific to Enix and for familiarity, if you have experience with MEW and deploying smart contracts for ETH, then you should certainly have no issues deploying smart contracts there.

However, if you do not have experience this guide will help you.

Deploying an Enix smart contract is an easy task thanks to Wallet’s Deploy Contract interface. All you need to have is the following:

  • Byte Code
  • ABI/JSON Interface
  • Contract Name

Compiling https://etherscan.io/address/0x167cb3f2446f829eb327344b66e271d1a7efec9a#code as an example for ENIX Blockchain, Gandhiji is a smart contract dapp for ETH https://gandhiji.io

NOTE IMPORTANT: Language components would need to be composed as ethereum/Ethereum, however vars, consts, lets will need to be ENIX or other sub tokenized element.

Once you have those three ready, the first two of which you can get once your smart contract is compiled, you can head over to Wallet https://wallet.enix.ai/#contracts and deploy:

Resulting in: https://explorer.enix.ai/tx/0x0d24d2ea8272de0182aab3d833f24fcd0a5c927ddc120fb4d70e4ce22d9312fb/internal_transactions

A deployed Smart Contract on the Enix Blockchain.

Interacting with the created contract is seamless.

Remember to Verify the contract.

Make sure the contract is operational like: https://explorer.enix.ai/address/0xed7e56a626ac71ab8f4b4dba667a45373b898533/transactions https://explorer.enix.ai/address/0xed7e56a626ac71ab8f4b4dba667a45373b898533/contracts https://explorer.enix.ai/address/0xed7e56a626ac71ab8f4b4dba667a45373b898533/read_contract

Other potential tools.

  • Ethfiddle.com

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