ENJBNT Token Relay is coming soon!

Enjin will be launching our Token Relay very soon! Based on the Bancor Protocol, it will use a new token called ENJBNT providing on-chain swaps.

Launching on October 31st

The ENJBNT token relay will be launched on October 31st! If the public crowdsale sells out earlier the token relay might be launched even earlier!

The token relay will enable buying Enjin Coin on the Bancor website using the MetaMask, Parity, or Mist wallets!

You will also be able to buy and sell ENJ directly from any website that features the Bancor Token Relay, starting on the Enjin Coin website this year in November.

Additionally, the Quick-Buy feature of the Token Relay will allow a one-step conversion between Ether and Enjin Coin (ETH/ENJ pair)!

Token Relay Details

The ENJBNT token relay will contain a 2% reserve of ENJ and BNT and the Constant Reserve Ratio will be set to 50%/50%.

The transaction fee charged for each ENJBNT exchange is a competitive 0.2%.

Earn fees by becoming a Liquidity Provider

By purchasing the ENJBNT tokens using your own ENJ & BNT holdings you can become a liquidity provider, and receive a portion of transaction fees.

Any exchanges that users of Enjin Coin make through the Token Relay would earn you a cut of the exchange fees, all by simply owning ENJBNT!

This is a good way to earn extra ENJ or ETH by locking in some of your extra ENJ while you aren’t using them in gaming. This provides more market depth for ENJ to BNT (and ultimately other tokens), on the on-chain Bancor exchange.

Larger market makers can commit larger portions of their BNT and ENJ to the Token Relay and earn a larger stake of the overall transaction fees.

Thank you for supporting Enjin Coin!

The Enjin Coin public crowdsale went live on October 3rd, and it’s over 85% sold! This is the last chance to get some Enjin Coins at the crowdsale price!

If you have any questions, connect with us on the following platforms:

Official Enjin Coin Website

Witek Radomski is the CTO of Enjin Coin, a cryptocurrency token designed for online gamers, social gaming communities and Minecraft servers.