Enjin sponsors BlockShow Asia in HongKong with Cointelegraph

Hong Kong was a fascinating place for the Enjin Coin team to visit!

BitKan: Shape the Future Conference

BitKan’s Shape the Future conference was amazing: we witnessed John Mcafee giving a visionary speech, and Roger Ver passionately debating Bitcoin Cash. We bumped into BoxMining as well and hung out with friendly fellow enthusiasts and companies changing the landscape.

The place was infused with a feeling of nervous excitement, and to think this event was to take place in China, but was swapped at last minute and attracted so many… crypto is going mainstream and Enjin Coin is happy to be part of the revolution!

BlockShow Asia Hong Kong

Coin Telegraph’s Blockshow Meetup was a classy affair, abuzz with YouTubers, networking, and an interesting opening speech by Simon Dixon and how he has seen the progression and stages in Blockchain.

Enjin Coin’s Lilia blazed through a presentation about our vision for gaming on the blockchain with a wonderful reception from the audience. The crowd commented on Enjin’s proven ability to deliver and our entire concept was received very positively at the event. We’re honored to receive such feedback from blockchain diehards and meetup groups such as The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

It’s time to prepare for the Enjin Coin Crowdsale, in just about 1 week! On October 3rd the final 300M Enjin Coins are going to be available to the public and the ENJ token will be going live!

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-The Enjin Coin Team

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