The future now belongs to two types of people: the man of thought and the man of labor. In essence, they are both a single whole, for to think means to work.
Victor Hugo

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Welcome to our official Medium channel. We are glad to welcome you and hope that this report of our company will cheer you up and also inform you about the latest events.

On October 30, more than 300 people attended a grandiose event, which will now be marked on our calendar as “The Day of the Official Launch of Enjoy Life”. We have experienced a lot…

Будущее отныне принадлежит двум типам людей: человеку мысли и человеку труда. В сущности, оба они составляют одно целое, ибо мыслить — значит трудиться.
Виктор Гюго

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Добро пожаловать на наш официальный канал Medium. Мы рады приветствовать Вас и надеемся, что очередной отчет нашей компании поднимет Вам настроение и проинформирует Вас о последних событиях.

30 октября, более 300 человек посетили грандиозное событие, которое теперь будет отмечено в нашем календаре как: “День Официального Открытия Enjoy Life”. Мы испытали кучу эмоций и невероятно рады тому, что смогли поделиться анализом нашей проделанной работы и планами по развитию на будущее. …

Enjoy Life has come to a historical point in its history of development!

Up to date, Enjoy Life operates in 4 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland). Already now, more than 170 business partners have joined us, who have received a system in which each user can freely receive, store and send both #crypto-currency and #fiat payments without third-party converting services, payment systems, personal accounts and online stores.

The #Bitcoin replenishment and conversion mechanism has already been implemented, and in December 2017 — users will be able to operate #Ethereum.

We wanted to announce that we are #officially #opening the…

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Андрей Макарчев, основатель Enjoy Life, на конференции ICO Ревизор

Конференция 11 октября — ICO Ревизор #2: Маркетинг ICO проектов, которая прошла в Киеве, произвела на команду Enjoy Life самые лучшие впечатления!

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Andrey Makarchev, the founder of Enjoy Life, at the ICO Revizor #2 Conference in Kiev

The conference ICO Revizor #2, which was held in Kiev on 11th, October, was a great experience for the Enjoy life team!

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Посетили с командой Enjoy Life мероприятие “Crypto Meetup”, которое проходило в Киеве, 4 Октября.

Вместе с Алексеем Погорелым и Игорем Порохом сформировали критерии для перспективных ICO проектов. Хотим поделиться теперь и с вами, чтобы предостеречь вас от мошенников с одной стороны и дать ориентиры для перспективного инвестирования с другой.

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The EnjoyLife team visited the “Crypto Meetup” event, which was held in Kiev on the 4th, October.

Together with Alexey Pogorely, the developer of the content strategies, and Igor Porokh, trader and analyst, the criteria for future #ICO projects were formed. We want to also share with you our criteria, in order to warn you about scammers and to provide with a guidance for future investments.

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EnjoyLife founder Andrey Makarchev attending “Olerom Forum 1”

EnjoyLife are glad to share with you our latest news!

Last week was full of actions and events. Starting from Friday, our EnjoyLife team visited the 2nd Blockchain Conference Meetup hosted by Blockchain Club Odessa.

The event was exciting: a lot of bright talents and interesting ideas regarding the future development of Blockchain technology, but also a very important feedback was received regarding our project. We have managed to meet Sergey Tolmachev- one of Wavesplatform developers, and discuss with him key aspects of crypto world and hear his opinion about our product.

Enjoy Life is a start-up that wants not only in theory, but also in practice to show you a new system of interaction of people, companies, corporations in the modern world. The team of professionals, due to their experience and deep knowledge in the banking, social, economic and other sectors, will improve every day and open new opportunities to reach a new level of your life’s quality. …

Enjoy Life

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