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Enjoy Life
Oct 31, 2017 · 3 min read
Official opening ceremony of Enjoy Life Company in Khreshchatyk Hotel, Kiev

Welcome to our official Medium channel. We are glad to welcome you and hope that this report of our company will cheer you up and also inform you about the latest events.

On October 30, more than 300 people attended a grandiose event, which will now be marked on our calendar as “The Day of the Official Launch of Enjoy Life”. We have experienced a lot of emotions and are incredibly happy that we were able to share the analysis of our work that has been done and tell you the plans for further development in future. Let’s move from the emotional environment to more informative so that we can tell you more about this event.

First of all, it’s worth noting the speech of the founder of Enjoy Life project, Andrey Makarchev. Informing the audience with an analysis of the work already done, Andrey also talked about plans for the future. Much was given to the ICO (let’s not forget that the Pre-ICO stage is already starting tomorrow), so it was obvious to give that much of importance to this issue. The actual ICO was not the final point of the discussions, since in addition, key issues regarding the stages of sales were also highlighted.

Founder of Enjoy Life Andrey Makarchev

The format of the meeting was also interesting: after the event, networking took place, where invited guests could receive answers to their questions. We have repeatedly stated and will repeat again that our main prerogative is to establish a connection between the company and its participants. In this regard, we can safely say that this part of the event was just as exciting as its beginning.

Project Manager of Enjoy Life Alexey Buzaev

On behalf of Enjoy Life Company, we would like to thank all of those who attended this event. The project leaders deserve a special attention: with their mood, enthusiasm and phenomenal “output”, they were able to attract the maximum attention of the guests and, at the same time, to hold the event at the highest level. We hope that you have also received exceptionally positive emotions by visiting the opening ceremony of the company, if you did not manage to attend the event, know — we are always on the hook. Here, we convey to you exactly the atmosphere that we ourselves felt at the ceremony.

Stay prepared and ready, as sales will begin very soon!

We will be waiting for you and see you soon,

Enjoy Life Team

Enjoy Life

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