Religious, folklore, or agricultural, festivals in Bethlehem became a common tradition, celebrated by all members of the community unrelatedly to religious or spiritual orientation. During which, characteristic aspects of the community and its traditions are revealed and highlighted.

These celebrations and festivals have been passed on from one generation to the other, representing an integral part of the city’s cultural scene. Constantly celebrating such events contribute towards preserving this inherited tradition as part of our cultural heritage, and enhancing the tourism sector as a tool for sustainable development.

In May 2015, the Arab Permanent Committee of Arab Culture selected Bethlehem…

Member and Partner City Mayors of the Tourism Council confrence at the ITB 2019

The conference included the mayor of Bethlehem, Lord mayor of Cologne, the managing director of Engagement Global, the city of Bergisch Gladbach and Xanten at Stand 202 |hall 4.2.

The Discussion revolved around the German Palestinian partnership, and more importantly, the partnership that led to the birth of the new Brand of the Bethlehem region|Enjoy Bethlehem

Bakir AlKhateeb

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