What I am reading December 2016 — January 2017

Expand your point of view by reading other people ideas.
This personal development book shows you how to: *Identify and take responsibility for the blocks to your personal success. *Understand your soul’s desire *Release negative emotions *Identify needs and take action *Decide what you want each day and put your life together in order to achieve it.
This ebook excerpt provides an introduction — via text, illustrations, and video presentations — to the structured and integrated “intellectual structure” of functional medicine, which allows for a complete comprehension of disease, thereby facilitating better patient care.
This book solves the mysteries of chronic pain disorders such as migraine and fibromyalgia by explaining that the “central sensitization” which makes the brain more sensitive to main signals is actually caused by inflammation within the brain. By understanding the 3 main components of brain inflammation — pain, inflammation, and mitochondrial dysfunction — patients and doctors are able to understand and then treat these painful conditions with greater success; with this knowledge patients and doctors can implement the effective and successful treatment protocol, making customizations as needed per individual patient’s unique profile/pattern.