Shawn Rudiman’s Post-Industrial Punch
Chris Mayes-Wright

Quite inspiring!

With so many people suffering from Gear Acquisition Syndrome, it’s really nice to focus on one device to do so much. Even when people only use the Circuit to hash out some ideas, it’s still about being creative instead of about spending time lusting over gear. Good thing for Novation to encourage this attitude.

The writeup makes it sound a bit as though Rudiman went to you and provided the sample pack for free. That would be an incredible gesture! But, even if there’s been more of a business side to this, the fact that this sample pack is included with the upgrade to Circuit Components 1.5 is quite commendable.

Still haven’t purchased my own Circuit. With this update and upcoming events, it sounds like it’s a good idea to wait for other announcements. But, at this point, it’s pretty clear to me that the device can really help me get (back) in the game.

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