What AI will never be able to do

Today everyone is simply obsessed, though, at the same time scared about the Artificial Intelligence (AI), its possibilities and what are the implications for the human kind.

Well, despite the fact that i am not a psychologist or robot geek I decided to jump into the aspects of regular and unregular human nature and figure out something that we are sharing as a human beings, trying to understand “what is that one thing that AI could possibly never be able to replicate?”

Sunday morning, spending ‘me time’ in the mountains of Bogd Uul hiking, sudden memories of my past 13 years have fluttered over me. Bitter-sweet, painfully joyful memories of my marriage, my friendship, my relationship with parents, giving birth to my daughter, losses and gains were all there.

Like a roller coaster, tears have smeared in maniacal laugh (stranger walking in front decided to turn back from the route), a pain in the chest confronted the breath, my feet felt helpless defying gravity. Feelings inflated by the past memories, moments and experiences… my rational part and 118 IQ score refused to understand.

That’s where i realized that one thing that we are as human beings are controversially designed to feel so many things, and many times our body respond to those feelings with unpredictably dubious actions.

One thing that helps me to understand my friends, when acting crazy when they are drunk af, forgive the relation that ruined my connections with so many i loved, feel my mom when she get angry at times is the empathetic nature of human, ability to immerse myself into the person’s life — something that i trained myself through past few years of Design Thinking journey.

Those things, like an almost unnoticeable touch by your crush that takes breath away, the sight in the eye with deepest sadness when we respond to “what happened?” with “nothing” while feeling 1 billion things, when we act polite while tiny Hulk is beating inside .. we hide those emotions and just act like society perceives us.

Just wanted to mention few things that not only Artificial Intelligence but Intelligence cannot recognize. You are the judges, you are the ones to say it out loud.

Related to my country:

While learning empathy, as the first step for out of box thinking and problem solving approach, i wondered why? How? What? we should deliver, as a thinkers, mentors, next generation of MINEgolia. So rare to find person with same ability to feel and understand, looking ahead why Mongolia is known for Mines can not be famous for MINDgolia???

Non-habitat land, amazing Developer’s talent, cheap, efficient and rare languages excelled could be the potential for BI, AI, EI in the world, why not?

Cheers with love,


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