This is a great tool for self taught programmers. — stackclash
Fun and addicting mini game. Would love more! — bryannorden (Verys)
“This is great, I’m excited. A few UI bits and pieces I’d change but I’m sure that will come later. This will be really helpful for me!” — jesse (TodayTix)
“Really good 10 minutes workout. It’s definitely beyond my expectations.” — Ywen (Kalido)
“Definitely learned new topics that I would not have read about otherwise” — pthoresen (IBM)
“AWESOME content but some extra interaction would be nice” — iTim (Retail Solutions)
This is so helpful. Although we work on things, google those at times, these small exercises really help understand, remember those details explicitly. Thanks a lot! — bhore.vjay
I liked the information provided. The integer overflow is something to definitely pay attention to. -rajiprinze (Microsoft)