The best way to beat ad blockers? Let them win
Kurt Gessler

Another possibility: do nothing, and allow ad quality to degrade. Much as email spam & phishing messages are intentionally unconvincing to factor out the possibility of intelligent and savvy people caught in the net and causing trouble, one can intentionally ensure one’s ads are removed by ad blockers and then specifically target groups that are unlikely to understand the very concept of ad blockers (seniors, children, the terminally unaware).

I’m not convinced that advertising as an industry can ever be saved from its downward quality trajectory: this trajectory is built in to the concept of advertising, and while the drop can be slowed or even backed up slightly, it cannot be stopped. We are living in the era of Late Advertising (by analogy to Late Capitalism), and like the Accelerationists, our best bet is to make advertising as bad as possible in order to hasten its total irrelevance.

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