The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

I get the point that it’s insane to focus so hard on the phone contents rather than fixing the problem but … plenty of phone info does not go into iCloud. Apple has also unlocked phones many times before at the FBI’s request for much lesser issues. Also the logic of the post is very flawed because guns are not the problem. The use of guns in these attacks is just a symptom of the problem (one of mental health and the perverted use of religion). If all guns were magically destroyed it would not stop a mass attack like the San Bernardino one from happening again. Remember 9/11, the single worst terrorist attack ever in the US, happened without the use of any guns. Also Boston marathon attack involved zero guns (except later when they were fleeing) and it is extremely easy to create bombs and place them randomly just to create havoc. All it takes is one visit to Home Depot and you can become a home grown terrorist and start dropping buildings.

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