Introducing Transcribe by Enlabeler

2 min readMay 19, 2023


Calling all Transcribers who are tired of manually transcribing audio recordings to trial a new Transcription platform.

Transcribe by Enlabeler is a powerful audio transcription tool that offers a range of features and benefits that will make your transcription experience a breeze. It combines the ease of auto transcribing with the control of a self-service platform and includes access to humans in the loop. Transcribe offers benefits such as the utility to transcribe multiple speakers, its advanced editing capabilities, and its integration with other platforms via our API.

With state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms, Transcribe is a cutting-edge tool that provides unmatched transcription accuracy and efficiency. Transcribe also makes it easy to edit and share your transcriptions, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re a journalist, researcher, or in need of transcription services for any other reason, Transcribe is the tool for you! With Transcribe, you can increase your productivity while ensuring accurate and high-quality transcriptions.

Transcribe allows you to easily upload your audio data in batches and create transcription jobs for sets of audio files. Our intuitive dashboard provides a view of completion of jobs including duration of audio transcribed and the rate at which transcription is completed. Once a transcription job is complete, it can be sent for review and downloaded once all checks have been completed. User management and billing are available within the platform, making it simple to add or remove transcribers, and monitor costs.

Our interface enables users to easily upload audio files, auto-transcribe them using state-of-the-art AI transcription, and edit the resulting text for maximum clarity. Leveraging our expertise in machine learning we are among the first to implement Whisper API (from OpenAI) to produce quality machine transcriptions. Get access to domain experts with our humans in the loop who can push up the accuracy further for industries like Healthcare and Legal Council.

In addition, Transcribe features an auto-classification utility that automatically labels entities identified in the transcriptions. The Classify tool also allows transcribers to review and edit entity labels with little effort.

Looking to the future, the team has exciting plans to enhance the functionality of Transcribe even further. Other upcoming features include improved language recognition capabilities, automatic speaker identification, and additional file format support.

At Enlabeler, we are proud to offer Transcribe to our customers and excited about the tool’s continued evolution. We hope you find Transcribe as useful and powerful as we do.

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