5 Healthy Morning Habits in 60 Minutes or Less

One hour that will benefit your health — mind, body and soul

Elle Martin, certified integrative health and wellness coach, and founder of SoHo Well+being, LLC.

For many people mornings are the least favorite part of the day. This mindset can lead to some very unhealthy habits, such as skipping breakfast or checking social media before even getting out of bed. However, there are those of you already on the path to wellness, and you’ve established a few healthy habits of your own. Do you still desire more structure and ease to complete your healthy morning routine? The following are five tips to help set the foundation for your day and keep you focused on your health and wellness goals.

Eat breakfast (15 minutes)

The key to a successful breakfast routine is to prep as many meals as you can the night or day before your work week. Try washing and cutting up veggies and fruit for smoothies, hard boiling eggs, or mixing up a batch of overnight oats. A healthy meal consumed within an hour of waking communicates to your to body that it’s time to get to work! Your body will utilize your healthy breakfast as energy to fuel your day. When you skip breakfast you risk slowing your metabolism. Instead of skipping breakfast choose options that provide fiber and protein to help keep your body fueled for a busy day. This type of breakfast keeps your mind focused and alert rather than suffering from the highs and lows of coffee and sugary items that may be otherwise consumed throughout your morning.

Interval exercise (20 minutes)

Even twenty minutes of exercise a day can boost your metabolism, clear your mind and supercharge your morning. Interval training is an optimal way to maximize your workout when you have less than thirty minutes. If interval training is not your thing, the simple act of walking at a brisk pace for twenty minutes a day can increase your metabolism and help keep you fit. Remember to keep a quick pace and maintain your heart rate at 90% of your maximum. Whatever option you choose just remember, twenty minutes of something is better than zero minutes of nothing.

Morning pages (10 minutes)

For anyone who doesn’t believe that writing down your thoughts, intentions, dreams and goals is worthwhile, take a moment to consider the act of physically documenting your purpose. Having a constant mental dialogue in your head adds stress to your day. When you write down your intentions it helps focus your mind and sets you into forward motion. Anyone who has created a to-do list understands the link between setting a goal and achieving it. There is no limitation to the subject matter, it is purely to be present about your daily intention. Think about what you are grateful for, or what lessons you may have recently learned. Whatever the the topic, taking ten minutes to acknowledge these goals, thoughts and feelings adds to the potential of your day, which perpetuates positivity in your lifestyle.

Eat the frog (15 minutes)

This phrase may be odd, but Mark Twain coined it for a reason. Procrastination is a roadblock to a productive day and adds unnecessary stress to your mindset. In contrast, most people experience some type of euphoria when a difficult task is completed. The same satisfaction applies to those pesky “frogs.” Whatever task it is you wish to avoid, face it head on at the beginning of your day and be rid of it before you end up with a pond full of problems.

Turn up the music (anytime throughout your day)

Scientists have documented the health benefits of music. Music has been proven to reduce stress, enhance memory, and has been used to assist those suffering from chronic pain. Music is a wonderful way to start your day with a boost! Try dancing in the kitchen as you prep your breakfast, or chill out with soothing tunes during your commute to work. Whatever works for you, but try to take note of how music can enhance your mood and overall well-being.

This routine will help you set the tone for your day. Don’t underestimate the power of your intentions and the benefits of starting your day with healthy purpose and positivity.

Don’t have 60 minutes? Please check out my article 5 Healthy Morning Habits in 15 Minutes or Less for quick tips on starting your healthy morning routine. For more health information and wellness inspiration, please follow SoHo Well+being @sohowellbeing.