To Know Yourself

If I were to ask you “who are you?” there would be no hesitation in your response.

“I am black, I am white, I am male, I am female, I am an engineer, I am a doctor, I am a mother, I am a husband, I am a happy person, a sad person…”

There are a million and one responses to the question, but there is a commonality…the answer will always start with “I”.

In a sense, you didn’t answer my question. In trying to show me who you were you instead gave me a list of nouns and adjectives.

Now, if you want to “identify” with these terms, be my guest, but don’t think you are answering my question. I asked who you were. In order to do that you must strip away everything that you called yourself.

Why do this? Why aren’t these titles “me”? Well it’s very simple; these titles are here today and gone tomorrow. If you are young today you will be old someday, if you are rich now, what makes you think that you will keep you wealth in the future.

When you were born, you were called either “son” or “daughter” by your “mother” or “father”, when you were five you got a baby “brother” or “sister”, when you marry you become “husband” or “wife” and birth “son” or “daughter”

These are your titles but they are not you; they are just that, “titles”. Get to the bottom of yourself and doing that means removing all your titles and claims that you call yourself.

What do you get when you remove it all?


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