Welcome back for part 2 of our conversation on Genesis, Jesus, Strip Clubs and Spiritual Journeys! In today’s episode we get into the debate of coincidences and synchronicities, Michael emphatically shares his thoughts on the judgmental world, and Nicole shares how her spiritual journey started off by meeting an unlikely male model on the movie set of a Bette Midler movie in the 90's.

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Welcome to Enlighten Up a podcast where 3 friends casually deconstruct what it means to be spiritual in today’s world. In this episode we introduce who we are, how this podcast came to be, and what spirituality means to us. Lisa jumps in and shares her fascinating, unpredictable path to enlightenment that would shock most people but it’s a great example of how none of us should judge our individual paths.


enLIGHTenUP Podcast

A Spiritual podcast that doesn’t fit the status quo at all! We are 2 spiritual females & 1 very vocal, male skeptic exploring everything spiritual & fringe.

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