Start Your Day Fully Enthusiastic With Enlighten Your Day- Motivational Alarm Clock App

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. You might have come across this idiom and plenty of others depicting the importance of waking up early. When you’re able to wake up early, you are able to find the time to have breakfast, and you can reach your workplace without feeling rushed. But getting up early can be difficult, and it also depends on how late you went to bed the night before.

Enlighten Your Day — Motivational Alarm App

Adding to the morning distress, traditional alarm clocks that wake you abruptly with a jarring alarm can lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. Just one night of interrupted sleep is all it takes to make you feel depressed and confused. When you wake up suddenly during the rapid eye movement stage of sleep, (that is associated with dreaming and increased brain activity), it will adversely affect your mood.

Now, you can wake up to pleasantness, instead of annoyance! The Enlighten Your Day-Motivational Alarm Clock app is sympathetic to the alarm clock blues and it includes an abundance of features to make your wake up experience more pleasant and calm:

  • Listen to a new motivational audio clip every day. When your alarm turns on, it will play a motivational quote instilling you with enthusiasm to utilize your day more effectively.
  • Create an audio clip by recording your own words of inspiration and get motivated in your own voice. Adding piano music in the background to make it more interesting is icing on the cake.
  • You can have the option to play the recorded audio clip before the daily audio clip or just the daily audio clip as an alarm tone.
  • Just tap the “Enlighten Your Day” button on the home screen and listen to the audio clip at anytime. Thus, you can keep yourself motivated the whole day.
  • Once you’re fully motivated to wake up, stop the alarm with a touch of the “Seize the Day” button once the audio clip is played.
  • Upload your audio clip so that it might be featured among the month’s top 30 clips. These audio clips are chosen from those which have been submitted by other app users worldwide.

The Enlighten Your Day — Motivational Alarm Clock app is all set to get you out of bed fully motivated, allowing you to start your day with more enthusiasm. This app is available at the App Store for iOS users.