Wake up to Realize Your Dreams with the Enlighten Your Day — Alarm Clock App

“The best way to make your dreams come true is wake up.”

Waking up is the first thing we do every morning from the sleep in which we dream a lot of things to achieve. In this modern era, it’s so difficult to get out of bed especially with the boring and annoying alarm tone. It even makes the feeling stay low for the whole day.

The Enlighten Your Day — Alarm Clock app is an innovative and creative alarm clock app that is developed to replace the conventional alarm tone with a motivating audio clip for users. An audio clip of about 30 seconds of motivational speech along with melodious music will play every morning when the alarm turns on. Users will wake up with feeling motivated and inspired and hence, move on with cheerful and positive thoughtful mind in their daily routine.

Key features of the app:
1) Listening to new and selected audio clip every morning when the alarm is turned on. No snooze button to stop the audio clip.
2) There are 2 special types of motivation alarm tone provided for users. User can choose either one of the following options:
 * Daily audio clip
 * User own recorded audio clip along with daily audio clip.
 3) At any time, users can listen to motivation audio clip by tapping the * * * Enlighten Your Day” button on the home screen as per their need.
 4) By tapping on “Seize the Day” button, you can turn off the alarm after listening to it at least once.
 5) Users can create their own audio clip by recording of motivation words and choosing piano music for its background.

This app also provides additional features for premium user with $0.99 plan:
 1) 7 unique notification clips for appearance of app.
 2) 30 motivational clips that change daily.
 3) Record and upload user own audio clip for a chance to be Top 30 featured audio clips from worldwide within the app.

Get up fresh with enthusiasm to walk towards realizing your dreams with the Enlighten Your Day — Motivational Alarm Clock app. This app is now available for download at the App Store.

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