Valentina Zharkov is a woman, not a “he”

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  1. The article seems to have a typo. You will notice I quoted directly. Yes, I’m quite sure she is a female:)
  2. A couple of decades is not a big deal in the context of this cycle. Sunspot activity has intensified over the past 350 years (where it began at essentially ‘0’ in 1650), and in the last 100 years in particular. Only over the past couple of cycles have the max peaks started to decline. Would this not be similar to cooking a roast for 1 hour at 350 degrees without preheating the oven, then turning the oven down to 300 degrees (let’s say) and wondering why the roast is still cooking after 20 minutes? Even if you turned it off, it would take a long time before the roast started to cool. Have a look at the sunspot chart here:

3. Perhaps, but when I say “the cooling has begun”, I’m referring to an event spanning several decades where we will see a gradual, *non-linear* cooling. “Working against us” doesn’t really compute for me. There is a lot going on with these cycles that humanity/science is really only scratching the surface on, but in the long run, these cycles (and their effects) serve us. It is the kind of thing that you can embrace and shift along with — unless of course you are scared/angry and in panic mode…then you will find yourself in significant struggle.

4. Ok…

Btw, I co-authored this document:

World Mayors and Municipal Leaders Declaration on Climate Change

Fourth Municipal Leaders Summit on Climate Change

On the Occasion of the
United Nations Climate Change Conference
(COP 11 and COP/MOP 1)
7 December, 2005, Montreal, Canada

As delegates at this convention, my wife and I were responsible for having the targets set out in 3.1 included, and we were responsible for having items 3.4 and 4.3 included at all.

Prior to this, I was International Secretary for the Green Party of Canada (2004–2005). I recruited current leader and first ever Green Party Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May to the party.

I’m not supporting the continued wasteful/ignorant use of resources i.e. fossil fuels and their polluting nature. But I am saying that we may want to re-focus out attention towards building robust/efficient/intelligent infrastructure and preparing for something that appears to be possible/likely, but for which humans/cities are very much underprepared.