A Manager’s FAQ
Henry Ward

Excellent article. Hits all the high points of what being a leader looks like day to day. Applies perfectly well to volunteer organizations, too. As an organizer, my job is to say hello to everybody, to talk in front of the group, to find the money, to get there early and make sure the dumb projector works, to stay late and clean, to be the one that says no to sponsors, to make sure new people feel welcome, etc. All the stuff that makes it feel like a second job.

I recently listened to part of a TedX Radio Hour show on trust. They delved into trust and leadership, how the two correlate. A leader is the one that goes first, that eats the weird fruit and shows everybody else that it’s not poison. They’re the person that builds trust in and among the group by taking the risk of trusting without the promise of a return. By making that first investment, where another person might not.

Good stuff. Thanks for writing.

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