Coding for Email

In my current position, I’m filling a graphic design, communications, public relations, social media role. I am constantly challenged to create email messages to send out encouraging people to visit the business.

Using the tools available within the customer management system has some limitations and it doesn’t allow for a lot of creative freedom. I did find the HTML editor within the system, so I decided to figure out a way to use just that HTML interface to create email blasts.

I found a framework specifically designed for email newsletters. MJML. I like that it has more customization than the native editor but not too many options that it was hard to learn. It has everything I need to create nicer looking emails that will probably hit the spam box.

MJML has an online editor so that you can code your email if your editor of choice does not have a plug in. The online editor also will take your MJML and convert it into HTML to be used on most email newsletter services. So, I’m happy that it gives me the opportunity to code and make useful products that hundreds of people have the potential to view!

Email design and coding may not be the most glamorous of tasks in the industry, specially with the prevalence of drop and drag options, but I found it interesting.

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