10 Posts! Wow!

I had wanted to start a blog for a long time, but I finally mustered the effort to make it happen in August. Since then, I’ve compiled ten posts! I hope you have found them as entertaining to read as I found them interesting to write. Awkward sentences aside, ten posts feels like a milestone — so let’s recap!

  1. This one’s the only real cop-out on this list. I included it on this list because otherwise I would have to write another blog post before writing this one! I haven’t read this post since I first published it — perhaps when I get to 25 posts, we’ll compare it with whatever the blog has become.

2. My first real attempt at an article. Rambling and somewhat affected writing, but I feel like there may be a grain of truth in there somewhere. I intend to return to this post later on — especially now that I’m writing more articles about Scrum— so I’m afraid you haven’t quite seen the last of this topic. Stay tuned.

3. I’m really happy with this post — and was particularly happy hearing about it when a friend (N.B.!) brought it up in conversation at a pub last week. I’d like to write more about video games — especially if you’d like to read more about them! Another article in the brobdingnagian pile of internet video game articles, but this one is mine.

4. Space and Sun Tzu. What could be bad? This was particularly fun to write. I hope you liked it too. I have to write more about space exploration — and there’s so much to write about lately! I’ll stop myself before I start foaming at the mouth over how compelling I find the prospect of an interplanetary civilization emerging in our days…

5. There’s a special place in my heart for old software, and I’m so glad to see that this sentiment is shared by the people who built one of the most popular and effective communication platforms in recent memory. Special thanks, once again, to J.A. for pointing out that the similarity was intentional, and not merely incidental.

6. A cute little post, written mostly out of guilt for not having written a post in a while! (I still like “Cosmic Gall”, modern physics be damned!)

7. Another fun post to write, based off a presentation I gave to a class of undergraduate engineering students about how we communicate. Skepticism is an important tool for anybody to understand and apply — perhaps never more than in recent years.

8. This was a post written about then-current events — an issue which was present in municipal discourse for a few weeks. The story has now dissipated throughout the media stream, and has been completely transformed from a seemingly-contentious issue to a completely benign perturbation in the natural course of the news cycle — not unlike the literal dissipation and transformation of Montreal’s municipal wastewater in the Saint Lawrence. This was my first writing for this blog that really came from a place of passion and immediacy, and I hope to write like that again soon. Perhaps posts like these are the reason I started a blog in the first place…

9. A professional post! Finally!

10. More professionalism! Wild!

So, that’s it — ten posts from yours truly. I’m more-or-less pleased with all of them (Except that one on the power of stories. Perhaps a little ambitious for a first attempt. Ah well.) I’d like to close by thanking you all, dear readers, for your readership and continued commentary. The best, I hope, is yet to come.


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