Top Social Networking Sites That Pay You Money

Everybody loves social networking and everybody would like to earn money online. Even if it’s not a proper salary, but rather a few dollars every month to pay for some treats, it’s worth it. So, we join writing sites like HubPages, open a Zazzle store, and sometimes even take part in online paid surveys. But how about earning money from social networking sites? Here is a list of my favourite social networks that pay you money:

1. Bubblews

UPDATE: Bubblews stopped operating after scamming numerous people.

2. RedGage

RedGage is my absolute favourite. This website is unique in many ways, from the way it works to the way it pays. On RedGage you can earn by posting photos, blogs, videos, documents, and links. Payments are based on each user’s rate per 1,000 views, which is typically around $0.65. The site editors also offer bonuses of $2–5 USD for content that they feature on the home page. The site pays by virtual VISA Debit card that becomes available as soon as a withdrawal request is made (the minimum payout is $25). This way RedGage can be truly international, as virtual VISA Debit cards are accepted in online stores all over the world. You can reach the payout really quickly, because there is a daily lottery you can enter to win $25.

But all these features are only a bonus to me. The really great thing about RedGage is the people you can meet there. It’s an amazingly friendly and supportive community of talented people, be they great photographers, digital artists, writers, poets, or just great people.

3. Gather

Update: Gather stopped accepting new members for the time being. But keep an eye on the website, since they will definitely resume.

Gather is another great social website that pays for social networking. Like RedGage, Gather encourages you to socialize and share good quality content. You can share posts, photos, and videos. The more interesting the content, the more you earn. The Gather community is very friendly and there are lots of interesting people for you to meet there.

Gather uses an interesting payment system. Basically, you accumulate points for your activities, which can later be redeemed as gift vouchers (Amazon, Starbucks, and lots more), or converted to real money and paid via PayPal.

4. MyPage5

MyPage5 says that it’s “the most financially rewarding social networking site in the world”. And indeed, the rewards are very attractive: you get $5 for singing up, 4c for writing a blog post, 3c for uploading a video, and 1c for posting a comment on other people’s content. The good thing is that comments need to be informative and stuff like “nice share” won’t work — people that post shallow comments simply don’t get paid. MyPage5 pays via PayPal and AlertPay, which is handy for users who live in countries where PayPal is not available. The minimum payout is $25.

These are my favourite social media sites that pay. Maybe there are other’s but I haven’t heard of them yet. If you know some other great sites where you can meet new people and earn money, let us know in your comments!

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