Growing Herbs In The Winter

Buying herbs at the supermarket are easy, but not great for your wallet. Herbs are easy to grow, but what if you keep your herb garden outside instead? We’ve got some quick tips on choosing what herbs to plant during the winter and how to look after them.

1. Know your herbs.

Not all herbs can grow in the winter. Herbs like parsley, sage &thyme, grow well in the winter. Save the basil, borage and mint for summer (you can still grow mint, but they need tender loving care).

2. Sun seekers.

Herbs require at least 4 hours of sunlight and shelter. They are best planted in pots so you can easily move them.

3. Taking care of your herbs.

Don’t over water herbs! Over watering runs the risk of damaging their roots. Check if the soil is moist and best to water 1–2 times a week in the morning. Feed fertiliser once a month. Clip your herbs regularly if you aren’t going to use them. If your herbs are flowering, cut off the head of the flower so you get a continuous supply of new leaves.

4 Herbs to plant during the winter

Rosemary herbs are slow growing in the first year, but will quickly grow once established.

Rosemary can grow in cold conditions. Originally from the Mediterranean, it thrives in the summer. However, they should be grown in post so they are easier to maintain. Make sure there the soil has good drainage and is aerated. Rosemary is great with meats and particularly lamb.

Thyme. Credit:

Thyme is a great hardy herb. It does well with lots of sun and also can be used as ground cover. Thyme is great with slow cooked meals, soups and sauces.


Parsley is a very popular herb used in all sorts of cooking or as a garnish. Best grown in full sun. It is biennial plant, which they grow from seed to plant in the first year, flower, then set seed and die in the second year.

Sage. credit

Sage is great as a stuffing, especially in chicken dishes! Make sure it has good drainage so it has a good chance of surviving. It needs little watering and a little bit of water brings the plant back to life easily.