Disabling hover interactions on iOS

Bennett Wong
Feb 18, 2015 · 2 min read

Hover interactions are incredibly useful for layering information in the DOM on desktop, but not so much on mobile, as there is essentially no way to ‘hover’ on a touch screen as… well… there is no cursor.

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iOS Hover Behaviour

iOS interprets a users first tap on an element as a hover, if it exists on that element, and the second tap as a click. Consistency is usually key in UI, so if users expect their first tap on a mobile to behave like a click, essentially all hover interactions should be disabled for the mobile UI.


There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest method so far is using modernizr (which you should be using anyway). For those who haven’t used it before: Modernizr is a nifty front-end JS library which, summarily, detects what browser the user is using, what features are available in their browser, and makes those features targetable via classes appended to the broad <html> tag and also via Javascript.


What you want to do is limit your :hover functionality to desktop. More accurately, you’re limiting it to devices which have a cursor, i.e. without ‘touch’. The class in modernizr to use is .no-touch.

.no-touch .element:hover { 
/* your hover styles here */


You can also target no-touch browsers in JS with modernizr using the following.

if (Modernizr.touch) { 
// Functions for touch screens (e.g. Mobile)
} else {
// Functions for no-touch screens (e.g. Desktop)

Without modernizr

The following bit of JS will also make the .no-touch class available, if that’s all you need.

if (!("ontouchstart" in document.documentElement)) {
document.documentElement.className += "no-touch";

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