Business Intelligence goes beyond analyzing data and deriving insights. It goes a step further by ensuring that the right questions are being asked from the get-go before data is spooled or analyzed. If the right questions are not asked, automatically, the data analysis and BI report have no purpose.

Over the course of the week, I’ve been reading articles that talk about how to ask the right questions and how to properly derive insights from data. I realized that I’ve been having something similar to a writer’s block. For the sake of this write-up, I’ll call it an analyst block…

Today, I’m going to be talking about Top 12 BI Tools that every business Intelligence analyst should be aware of and know how to use depending on the use case. I got this from the article I cited in a previous post. There are different BI tools to meet different business needs. Some tools focus solely on visualization while some focus on predictive analysis and some even go as far as combining these needs.

According to CIO Africa, these are the top 12 Business Intelligence tools necessary to help uncover what data says about a business:

  1. Board: this tool combines…

This article is coming 2 days late. I’m supposed to post every Monday but this Monday was different. I was just not in that headspace to write anything or to even post anything so right now, I’ll just be giving updates on what I did last week.

I signed up for a course on Coursera on the 6th of January. Well not necessarily signed up, I applied for financial aid to be enrolled in the course for free. Coursera does this financial aid thing that is exactly like scholarship where you have to apply and state the reason(s) why you…

Last week Monday (13/1/2020), I was really curious about the Business Intelligence space. I wanted to (and I still want to) know a lot about the field ranging from average salary to skills set to BI tools and all. I got information on everything I was looking for but one thing that really stood out for me was the skill set. It stood out for me because it was sort of like a checklist to see how far I’ve come and how much work I need to do.

I’ll be writing on the Business Intelligence Analyst skills set and I’ll…

I’m on a journey to becoming a data analyst and a business intelligence specialist. This week, I mapped out what I want to do with my career or rather, what impact I want to make with my career and job role.

Firstly, I want to add value. In everywhere I find myself; every client, every job role and every company, I want to add value. I want my skills and my ability to interpret data and derive insights that add value at every point in time.

Secondly, I want to improve systems. Systems mean anything and everything to me. Systems…

Excel is such a powerful tool and sometimes we all tend to forget that or underestimate the power of excel. Excel is totally underrated. For every problem you want to solve, excel already has built-in functions that make life easier for you and me. When using excel, it feels like someone is reading my mind like “how did you know I’ll need to count the number of items in a column without counting the blank spaces”. Thank You COUNTA.

Functions really just make life easy. It is Excel’s way of saying “Don’t worry, I gotcha” A function is a built-in…

Anyone can create a data analysis report but not everyone can create an effective data analysis report. For a data analysis report to be called effective, it has to fulfill the initial purpose it was set to achieve. Any data analysis report that does not achieve the set objective can be referred to as an ineffective report.

When creating a data analysis report, you have to watch out for 3 things:

  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Timeliness

Effectiveness: this is the degree to which something is successful in producing the desired result. …

Eniola Falana

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