Birth of A Nation’s Box Office Flop and The Unrepentant Pettiness of Black Feminists.

The point is evolution. The issue is being smart enough to evolve from what there is no dispute about.
 The Indians got tired of the old cowboy kill the Indian movies that no one disputes. The Japanese got tired of the old U.S Army kill all the Japanese war movies and the Spanish players are tired of the old immigration illegal alien treatment. All 3 of them did and doing something about it by refusing to honor, respect or support that media or mindset.
 They choose instead evolution to a new, fresh improved self image.
 Every self-respecting race has uplifted, updated, upgraded, uploaded and put forth a stronger more positive image as the world turns…except black people.
 Only black people wallow in slavery, keep it alive, celebrate it and pay other races to see themselves portrayed as cowardly, uneducated, trifling and primitive.and with so many black people falling victim to the white perpetration strategy of black people watching slave movies …. can we redeem the team because….
 …Image is everything and self imagery is the first battle being fought in the revolution of evolution
 Stop watching movies whereas our-self imagery is devalued, desensitized, demonized, humiliated, degraded and negatively entrench into the minds of the 21st century global community….
 Black people….at the very least… have enough dignity and self respect to stop paying for it…..

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