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Why Should Small Businesses Invest in Good Design?

The economy is steadily growing and the startup boom is in full swing. Many, many new businesses are vying for the attention of potential customers, while these customers are exploring new ways of purchasing, shopping, and interacting with the economy. Customers have proud products at their fingertips, and every time they press a button, your life is impacted. Knowing all this, it might seem that you’d have to go to desperate measures to make ends meet. It seems like there’s very little hope of your product getting out there amongst all that noise. However, one simple thing can make all the change: you have to care about good design. Why?

In a perfect world, people don’t judge books by its cover… but hey, our world is far from perfect! First impressions really do matter in a fast paced society where customers can be found scrolling faster than hoon drivers. Good design catches their eye: it lets them know that your product or service is one of high-quality. So high, in fact, that you’ve got a design of the same quality to prove it.

Good design catches their eye

Now that design has got a customer’s attention, it’s time for it to take on its next job. Every business is an enterprise. The enterprise is what makes the business unique: its the thing that says that you’re much better than your competitor down the street. And what better way to show this than to have invested in good design that represents your brand and shows why and how you’re unique. It’s important that this gets across, because without that, design can’t do its next job

[Good design] represents your brand and shows why and how you’re unique
A Costco sample station []

I remember one day, I went into Costco. And it just so happened that there were samples of jerky. My whole family went up for a try, and we were hooked. We kept on going back, until we finally bought a packet to take home. Good design is a bit like this succulent jerky. It’s caught your attention with its wonderful aroma and great presentation, and you’ve tasted it and gotten to know why it’s special. You could stop there, but the jerky, or design, is so great that you go and purchase it. And this is the next thing that good design does: good design converts. It makes sure that your customers go ahead to engage with your product or service.

Good design converts

Well-respected entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck came up with the marketing principle of “jab, jab, jab, right hook”. He said that it takes many times for a person to get to know about a product before they decide to engage with it. Good design is the ultimate catalyst in this process. Good design is an investment: a proven strategy that will increase the visibility of your product, amongst all the noise. It will make you known, and at the end, it will most definitely convert. Now that’s the best return on investment!

Good design is the ultimate catalyst … an investment… it will most definitely convert. Now that’s the best return on investment!

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