AirDrop ENOD!

Aug 27 · 1 min read

Dear community members!

We are proud to announce the #EnodAirDrop campaign to increase the community and make some noise about our good-willing project. Let the world know about us a little bit more. =)

How to participate and earn from 250 ENOD ($5)?

1. Run the telegram bot on the link and follow the instructions.

2. Follow our Telegram group and Telegram Chat

3. Follow our Twitter

4. Retweet our pinned post

Also, we run the referral program — you’ll be rewarded with 50 ENOD ($1) for every attracted participant of #EnodAirDrop joined by your referral link. Our bot will generate it for you right after the successful fulfilling his rules.

#EnodAirDrop will be distributed after the ICO ends.

We’re happy to see you here. Stay tuned and big-big thank you! =)


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