I’m single. Not desperate.

Early this year, a woman contacted me and asked me to stop communicating with her husband. “It’s inappropriate,” she said. He is my relative!. 😲. Moments ago, my friend of 10 years sent me a text saying we couldn’t be friends because his wife has an issue with our friendship. His wife and I speak! 24 hours ago, while on a call to him, I noticed he does not talk to me anymore around her. I don’t like that. I said “ I never want to be the source of a woman’s pain, so if I have to excuse myself from this friendship for her peace of mind, I will” His response. “She knows you. It’s not personal”

Two of my very “close” friends also discarded me when my husband dumped me. Two of my married friends don’t think I’m good enough now I’m single. Maybe I’m contagious! It hurts, I won’t lie. Especially for those same women who knew how to tap into my wisdom when they were going via rough times. I’m going via a divorce. Not a witch hunt to steal men. It’s a lonely journey. Yes. But I’m not desperate. I lost a husband I loved with no notice or indication and several friends. The loss is painful. No one tells you what else you could lose. Your money, your mate and friends. I wish I had THAT problem in my own marriage! At least I would know why it would ultimately never be sustainable or known that our connection was for “show”

Newly single woman: You’re newly found status as a single person does not make you desperate, thirsty, vulnerable or conniving. Anyone treating you that way is doing so from a place of lack.

This journey leaves space for those who love me and more room for me to love myself.

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