going bald

august 6, 2015

First and foremost, thank you to everybody who read my last blog post and to those who sent encouraging messages after reading it. When I wrote about my experiences being a 3rd-Generation Korean-American, I had no idea that other people (not 3rd-Gen’s) would be able to relate to my sentiments too. I’m incredibly grateful and I’m glad it can help!

In case you missed it, you can read it here:

going bald

august 6, 2015

I realize that the last blog post was pretty heavy and lengthy, so I wanted to lighten things up by talking about my recent decision to go bald.


Since many people are asking, though I try to sound deep and introspective, the reason why I decided to shave my hair off is:

I just wanted to go bald.

That’s about it. No doubt there are accompanying reasons to go along with it, but the main reason is that I simply wondered, “What would it be like to be bald?” Though every person would not likely shave their head, I’m sure everyone has pondered this question at least once. If not, then I’m sure you are now.

photo time

I don’t plan on going bald again for quite awhile (while it’s in my control). So naturally, I had to take advantage of the fact that I could do literally whatever I wanted with my hair before I saw it grow back in half a year.

Below is the journey:


shaggy needs his scooby doo

a meager attempt at “skrillex”

no going back now.


hairspray can only do so much to defy the laws of gravity.

i don’t know what to call this one… “horns?”

sorry for the nightmares. #halloween2k15

“military cut”

most frequently-asked question: “are you going to the military?”


everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

el fin.

boom shakalaka.

being bald

A few reflective thought on being bald:

  • If you shave your head, it will dry up and become itchy. Be forewarned.
  • Showers now seem much less necessary. Sorry.
  • Humans place way too much importance on the piece of fur growing from their head. (Note: I’m not condemning anyone who cares about their hair. If you guys know anything about me, I dye and style my hair into a new style every month. I just think it gets dangerous when we start to let someone’s appearance change our perception of their character, or even worse, when we let our own appearance change our perception of who we are.)

And last but not least,

  • Everyone wants to rub a bald man’s head. Even my dog.
seriously, she won’t stop licking if given the opportunity.