Caring For Your Dishwasher: Top Tips From Our Experts

Our plumbers in Perth are here for the big things like a major leak to the smaller things like a faulty appliance. We are often on hand to help with appliance installations, and we love to give our customers advice on how to keep their gleaming new machines performing at their best for many years to come. Read our tips below on how to keep your dishwasher working perfectly. You’ll save money in repairs and prolong its life cycle too!

● Inspect the seals — There are rubber gaskets around your dishwasher door that form a watertight seal. It’s a good idea to inspect this now and again to ensure it hasn’t become cracked or suffered any damage. A damaged gasket could mean a big leak when you least expect it, and a potentially large repair bill for the damage caused.

● Keep the screen clean — At the bottom of your appliance, there is a screen or mesh that is designed to catch fallen cutlery and large bits of food waste. This should be cleaned at least once a week to ensure proper flow of water and to avoid any unpleasant odours.

● Keep spray arm nozzles clear — The spray arm nozzles are where the water comes from when your dishwasher is in operation. These can become clogged with limescale or waste and can be cleaned easily. Some dishwashers allow you to remove these arms for easier cleaning, so check your manufacturer’s instructions.

● Keep mould and mildew at bay — Mold and mildew can be present in any dishwasher, even if it is used regularly. You can tackle this problem with any household mould cleaner, or another tip is to pop some apple cider vinegar into the detergent slot and run your dishwasher on its highest setting while it is empty.

● Is your dishwasher sitting comfortably? — If your dishwasher is not sitting on a flat surface (you can use a spirit level to check) it could mean diminished performance and difficulty with water draining away.

A Few Minutes Can Save Hundreds Of Pounds

By taking a few moments each week to check and clean your dishwasher, you could not only prolong its life but help to avoid expensive repair bills or a complete replacement. If you ever need assistance with any aspect of plumbing or appliance installation, we are the plumbers in Perth to call.