How Are Craft Beers Different?

Craft beers are popular among the majority of beer connoisseurs and have a dedicated fan following. Famous for its distinct flavors, which varies with different breweries; it has made a niche for itself. Different breweries develop their craft beers keeping in mind the local taste and preferences to delight the palate of beer lovers.

Craft beer is completely different from a bottled or canned beer in flavor, body, and stability. In fact, it is better in quality in many ways. This is the reason that there is a great upsurge of craft beer events in VA.

Better Taste

Taste of craft beer is far more better than mass produced bottled or canned beer. It is because craft breweries spend a lot of time in perfecting their taste and quality. A lot of deliberation, serious efforts, and most importantly, heart and soul goes into brewing the perfect barrel of craft beer. At craft breweries, quality matters more than quantity!

Stronger Punch

Majority of the popular commercial beers have alcohol content of around 5%. You end up guzzling several pints, gaining endless calories and feel nothing. All you achieve is multiple rounds of loo trips. This is not the case with craft beers. Craft beers are available in different ABV (alcohol by volume) ranging from 5% to as high as 40%.

This means you can really enjoy your beer with a better taste and a better punch. You don’t have to slosh out yourself to get high. It will also help you save a lot of money as it is relatively cheaper and you can satiate your palate in a fewer number of beers against the traditional canned beer.


Several research reports have substantiated the fact that craft beers are healthier than red wine due to presence of greater active nutrients. It also includes traces of soluble fibers, silicon, and antioxidants to give greater health benefits.

Wider Range Of Choices

There are several good micro breweries selling their own custom made craft beers. It opens an extremely big menu for you to choose your beers from. You will find a distinct flavor and character to every micro brewery’s beer. A great opportunity to visit all of them, enjoy different flavors and become a connoisseur.

Craft beer is a perfect option for beer enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for something new. Something incredible and worth a try. Go to your nearest craft beer event in Virginia and taste the magic!

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