Every problem need a solution

It seems to be an easy concept, but the reality is very different.
A lot of people reacts in a different way to the daily small and big problems. we can summarise in 2 categories:
1) People who surrender
2) People who never surrender

Surrender? never! (at least because the problem will be always with you)

The first group is made by people that, in front of a difficulty event, usually prefer to make a step behind or change its pathway. 
By this way, the final result is a huge amount of problems accumulated in the backyard; problems that need a solution and, or you can only drastically change and defeat the problems, or die (in a figurative meaning!!)

The second group face the problems, struggling with them but, at the end, they bring the victory at home (and enjoy the backyard).
If it is true that nobody can always be brave enough or victorious in facing some problems, is also real that the second group could help the first!

Nobody wins alone!

I don’t’ really know if I am in the first or second group…probably it depends on the situation I face and on my confidence on solving a particular problem.
I’m a scientist and an entrepreneur, and these seem to be two completely different universes.
As a scientist I spent most of my time working alone, solving the routinary lab’s problems; as an entrepreneur, it is completely different.
You need a team made by people in which you trust.
You need to build your net of people (entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, artists etc.) who can bring a different point of view to solve your specific problems.

Duality (It is also a great Slipknot song)

This dualism, if managed in the right way, could be an advantage and, in my story, it was an advantage.
My lab work consists of performing genetic tests for cancer diagnosis; I cannot change nor the diagnosis nor the disease progression.
This situation made me think about how can I improved patients’ outcome with my contribution.
I realised that one of the main problems that afflict a patient is the time he wastes waiting for the diagnostic reports.
As a scientist, I went deep into the scientific side of the problem finding that this is not only about a subjective perception but is related to patients’ depression and a high risk of a bad outcome.
This became my mission: to reduce the time for the tests… in an inexpensive way (the entrepreneurial side of my personality).

Plan, Do, Check, Act

Moved by this mission me and my group start working on the solution.
We tried some of them, we failed but
we never surrendered!
we continued to work, and finally, we found the right chemical composition that reduces the time and the cost of the test.
With this solution, we can help all the patients, and thanks to the support of our net, we will realise our mission.

Never surrender because, if it is too difficult for you, you will find somebody who can help you!