Start-UP Products = Vision + Sacrifice

I was watching a great video on Facebook about marketing. A kind of 4 minutes pitch about the hidden secrets to building a successful product in the market.
“Ok, all the things in the video were true” — I was thinking — “but something is missing (for me)”.

I want to ask you a question?
What do you think about products?
Which is the real value for whom you pay?

For the materials (so why a raw piece of titanium doesn’t look as interesting as your new glasses)!
For the technology (so why do you use WhatsApp instead of Messenger?)
For the features (so why do you prefer a certain firm of smartphones instead of another one?)

What I’ve experienced by building my own products is that the real value I’m putting in, is not about materials, technology or features, but it is about my vision and the sacrifice I’ve done to make it possible.

Behind a product, there is (almost always) a long time of studying and working while fighting against the difficulties of being a little company against the “old world”.

As the same as a handmade product, behind a start-up company product (both informatic both physical) there is the same accuracy and attention as the craftsman uses while he is carving the wood.

Usually, you manage it as your child

I’m proud of my creations, and these premises are the basis of one of the most pitfall of the start-up company CEO:
to be blind in front of the necessity of changing the strategy.

We believe in the power and in the goodness of our creation and, from the customer point of view, to give to a start-up CEO a feedback about his products is the best way to award his work.
From the CEO point of view, don’t speak only about the materials, the technology and the features but make the people engaged with your story and your passion for your creation.
It will be the better marketing strategy that you can use.

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