Crying out loud: things I dislike in F#
Alex Yakunin

Nice list, good to see pain points from other developers, if it’s a constructive criticism. That’s how the language can improve.

As a note:
All the enhancements/ideas can be added to F# evolution list.
The process is described in
To start, add an uservoice so after discussion can be implemented as RFC.
About tooling etc, see

- some points are good for usabilty/new users (2-missing-break-continue-in-loops, 3-missing-do-while, 4-ability-to-say-per-project-tuple-are-struct) and can be implemented maybe
- some are just ml syntax vs c syntax ( assignment, `<>`, etc) and legacy
- about file order, i see it as a feature, but i understand it’s useless for example in really small projects (help a lot in medium/big projects). Maybe tooling can help. Also tree view ihmo sucks for sources.
- the syntax for classes (constructor, etc) is really hard to remember for me too. Maybe improve the error messages, snippets, tutorials, dunno.
- `collection.[index]` vs `collection[index]` maybe yes, is another improvement (help newbie), but is not a big deal

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